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Dr Anna Bordiugova (1982)

Attorney-at-law (Ukraine) Eng/It/Ru
Kiev / Ukraine

PhD, Attorney-at-law, sports lawyer (2003- ); match delegate and Ethics & Disciplinary Inspector at UEFA; Member of the legal Commission of the NOC of Ukraine; Member of the IAAF Disciplinary Tribunal; Former member of the appeals antidoping commission of the NADO of Ukraine; UIPM Court of Arbitration arbitrator (2017- ); Athlete, professional athlete 100mH & 400mH (1991-2005): Member of national athletics team of Ukraine. Member of the IAAF Disciplinary Tribunal.

Dr Siarhei Ilyich (1977)

Attorney-at-law (Belarus) Eng/Ru
Minsk / Belarus

Juris doctor; Director for International Relations and Legal Affairs Department, Belarus Football Federation (2012- ); UEFA Delegate (2013- ); Member of UEFA Players' Status, Transfer and Agents and Match Agents Committee (2011- ); FIFA Commissioner (2016- ); Member Legal Commission of the National Olympic Committee of Belarus (2014- ); Professor Belarusian State University, Faculty of Law (2011- ); Former professional football player

Mr Pavel Pivovarov (1981)

Attorney (Russia) Eng/Ru
Saint Petersburg / Russia

FC Zenit JSC Deputy General Director - Administrative Director, Executive Board Member, Representative of the Club in European Club Association; Football Union of Russia: Legal Committee Member, Arbitrator of the Players' Status Committee; European Club Association: Legal Advisory Panel Member; member of the Institutional Relations Working Group; former arbitrator of Football Union of Russia Dispute Resolution Chamber;

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