SCHEDULE OF ARBITRATION COSTS (in force as from 1 January 2017)

Court Office Fee

Each party involved in a dispute submitted to CAS arbitration must pay the Court Office a minimum sum of thousand Swiss francs in order for his application for arbitration or appeal to be registered.

Administrative costs

The CAS fixes the administrative costs for each case of arbitration subject to Art. R64 of the Code in accordance with the table below, or at its discretion when the amount disputed is not declared or there is no value in dispute. The value in dispute taken into consideration is the one indicated in the statement of claim/appeal brief or in the counterclaim, if any, if it is higher. If the circumstances of a given case make this necessary, the CAS may fix administrative costs at an amount above or below that shown on the table below.

For a disputed sum (in Swiss francs)Administrative costs
Up to 50'000.-From CHF 100.- à 2'000.-
From 50'001.- à 100'000.-CHF 2'000.- + 1.50% of amount in excess of 50'000.-
From 100'001.- à 500'000.-CHF 2'750.- + 1.00% of amount in excess of 100'000.-
From 500'001.- à 1'000'000.-CHF 6'750.- + 0.60% of amount in excess of 500'000.-
From 1'000'001.- à 2'500'000.-CHF 9'750.- + 0.30% of amount in excess of 1'000'000.-
From  2'500'001.- à 5'000'000.-CHF 14'250.- + 0.20% of amount in excess of 2'500'000.-
From 5'000'001.- à 10'000'000.-CHF 19'250.- + 0.10% of amount in excess of 5'000'000.-
Above 10'000'000.-CHF 25'000.-

Arbitrators' costs and fees

The amount of fees to be paid to each arbitrator is fixed by the Secretary General of the CAS on the basis of the work provided by each arbitrator and on the basis of time reasonably devoted to their task by the members of each Panel. In principle, the following hourly fees are taken into account:

For a disputed sum (in Swiss francs)Fees
Up to 2'500'000.-CHF 300.-
From 2'500'001.- to 5'000'000.-CHF 350.-
From 5'000'001.- to 10'000'000.-CHF 400.-
From 10'000'001.- to 15'000'000.-CHF 450.-
Above 15'000'000.-CHF 500.-

If circumstances make this necessary, the President of the Division may decide, upon the proposal of the Secretary General, to fix the amount of the total fee at a sum lower or higher than that which would be calculated on the basis of the hourly rate mentioned above. In case of disagreement with the arbitrator concerned, the ICAS Board decides the amount of fees to be fixed.

The main ground which may be taken into consideration in case of increase of the fees is the complexity of the dispute.

In addition to the payment of fees, each arbitrator is justified in requesting the reimbursement of his/her costs upon presentation of receipts as follows:

Air travel
up to 2500 km per journey: price of an economy class ticket (determined by the CAS);
more than 2500 km: price of a business class ticket (determined by the CAS);

Travel by train
price of a first class return ticket;

Travel by car
price of a first class return rail ticket;

Hotel accommodation
price of a hotel room, medium to luxury category, up to a maximum of CHF 350 per night;

maximum of CHF 150 per day.

In the absence of receipts, any telephone, fax, postage, photocopying or other secretarial costs are reimbursed, up to a maximum of CHF 200 per arbitrator per case.

If an arbitrator does not file a summary of his work and time spent on the case, or the receipts for the reimbursement of his expenses within 30 days from the notification of the final award, he is deemed to have waived his costs and fees and the ICAS/CAS is entitled not to pay him any indemnity.

The national taxes, such as VAT, if any, related to the amounts paid by the CAS shall be borne by the arbitrators.

Unless there is a written agreement with the CAS, only the work performed by the arbitrator in person is remunerated by the CAS. The amount of fees to be paid to ad hoc clerks appointed by the CAS is fixed by the Secretary General of the CAS on the basis of the work reports provided and on the basis of the time reasonably devoted to the case at stake. In principle, an hourly fee of CHF 150.- to CHF 200.- is taken into account depending on the qualifications of the clerk.