E-Filing of submissions

The e-filing service can only be activated after the opening of arbitration proceedings by the CAS Court Office. This implies the prior filing of a Request for Arbitration (Art. R38 of the CAS Code) or a Statement of Appeal (Art. R48) by email, facsimile or courier, within the deadline set out in Art. R49 of the CAS Code, as well as the allocation of a case number for the arbitration proceedings in question.

Each case is identified by the number allocated to it in the CAS Roll.

In order to benefit from the e-filing service for the case in question, the user(s) must send a written request to the CAS Court Office by way of the «Case Registration Form» available from the list on the right side of this page.

If not already in possession of one, every authorised and registered user will get a CAS login and a password that will allow him/her to get access to the site of the case in question. He/she will then be entitled to publish documents. The password must be changed at first use.

How to log in

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