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Hearing at the CAS AHC in Shanghai, China

The Alternative Hearing Centre (AHC) of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Shanghai, China will host the hearing in the arbitration procedure between the Iraqi football player Nashat Akram and the Chinese football club Dalian Aerbin FC on 15 September 2015.

The Shanghai AHC is one of the AHCs created by the CAS in 2012 in order to facilitate access to the CAS through the provision of regional hearing facilities as well as to promote sports arbitration. It is used by parties based in East Asia.

The subject of the arbitration between Mr Akram and Dalian Aerbin FC is a contractual dispute. Having already exchanged written submissions, at the hearing the parties will present their case orally to the panel of CAS arbitrators: Mr Rui Botica Santos, President (Portugal), Mr Manfred Nan (The Netherlands), and Mr Kok Keng Lau (Singapore). 

The Panel will then deliberate and issue an Arbitral Award at a later date.