Welcome to the database of CAS awards

By clicking on the link below, you can access a site which regroups all the non-confidential CAS jurisprudence from 1986, the year of the first arbitration procedure.

As of January 2009, the awards issued after 2003 are gradually being added to the database so that in the long term, between the database and the ‘recent decisions’ section, there will be a complete coverage of the CAS awards.
The texts of the awards are available for the purposes of public information and are specifically formatted for the database. These summaries are subject to amendment; only the original award is authentic.
NB: The awards issued since August 2012 are henceforth published in a version containing the paragraph numbering of the original award.

We remind you that CAS decisions cannot be published by third parties, except with the express agreement of the CAS, or of the parties directly concerned by the decision in question.