SCHEDULE OF MEDIATION COSTS (in force as from 1 January 2016)

CAS Administrative costs

The CAS administrative costs for a mediation are fixed at CHF 1,000. 

Each party involved in a dispute submitted to CAS mediation must pay the CAS administrative costs in equal shares of CHF 500 (five hundred Swiss francs) in order for the mediation to be set in motion. If the advance of costs is not paid by both parties and if one party does not agree to pay the share of the other party (-ies), the mediation procedure is immediately terminated. If the parties agree to submit an ordinary / appeal arbitration procedure to mediation, the CHF 1,000 (one thousand Swiss francs) Court Office fee paid by the Claimant / Appellant in the arbitration procedure shall be credited to the mediation procedure and used as administrative costs for the mediation.

Mediator's costs and fees

The amount of fees to be paid to the mediator is fixed by the Director General of the CAS on the basis of the work provided by the mediator and on the basis of time reasonably devoted to her/his task. CAS mediators are paid an hourly rate of CHF 200, exclusive of VAT.

For cases with disputed value up to CHF 50,000, the mediator's fees shall be capped at a maximum of CHF 2,000, exclusive of VAT.

For cases with disputed value up to CHF 150,000, the mediator's fees shall be capped at a maximum of CHF 4,000, exclusive of VAT.

In addition to the payment of fees, the mediator is justified in requesting the reimbursement of her/his costs upon presentation of receipts as follows:

  • Air travel: 
    up to 2500 km per journey: price of an economy class ticket (determined by the CAS); 
    more than 2500 km: price of a business class ticket (determined by the CAS);
  • Travel by train: price of a first class return ticket;
  • Travel by car: price of a first class return rail ticket;
  • Hotel accommodation: price of a hotel room, superior category, up to a maximum of CHF 350 per night.
  • Meals: maximum of CHF 150 per day.

In the absence of receipts, any telephone, fax, postage, photocopying or other secretarial costs are reimbursed, up to a maximum of CHF 200. If a mediator does not file a summary of her/his work and time spent on the case, or the receipts for the reimbursement of her/his expenses, within 30 days of the termination of the mediation, the mediator is conclusively deemed to have waived her/his costs and fees and the ICAS/CAS is entitled not to pay her/him any indemnity.

National taxes, such as VAT, if any, related to the amounts paid by the CAS shall be paid in equal share by the Parties upon request by the mediator.